Use code INNOVA50 to score 50% off all Innova products!
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Use code INNOVA50 to score 50% off all Innova products!
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Club Orders

Ever since 2003 we have supported local Disc Golf clubs by offering discounts for club members. If you are a member of a Disc Golf club, you have a good chance of saving money on your orders from us.

Please note that if your club was an InnovaStore partner, and/or if you had club member benefits in the InnovaStore, those benefits also apply in Disc Golf Outlet.

1. Club partnerships

We offer notable discounts from many of our items for members of our club partners. Just about any Disc Golf club can become a partner, but there’s a couple of conditions:
- The club needs to send us regularly the list of their active members, containing the email addresses that the club members use to login into Disc Golf Outlet.
- The club needs to put our logo to their website and inform their members about the club discounts.

If you are in a Disc Golf club and you would like your club to become a Club partner, please send us a free-form application containing at least the following information:

• Club name and website URL
• Amount of members
• A brief description of the club

If the application is approved, we will send you our logos for the club website and further instructions on how to activate the club discounts. Please note that club partnerships should always be agreed with the governing body of the club in question (ie. the club board, president or equivalent).

2. My club is Disc Golf Outlet’s club partner, how do I activate the club discounts?

The discounts are always activated from our end. The discounts can only be activated based on the login email address of the club members. If you are in a club but can’t see the discount prices when logged in, please send your Disc Golf Outlet login email address to a representative of your club (for example club secretary) and advice them to send the login address to us. Most clubs send the lists to us on regular basis, so if you’ve just joined the club, it’s very likely that your club discounts will be activated in the near future.

3. I was told that the discounts have been activated. How can I be sure about this?

When the club discounts have been activated, the club discounted products are visible with a “sale” ident when you log in. You can see the difference if you look at the product prices when not logged in. We grant club discounts on all basic discs of Innova and Discmania with the addition of some baskets, bags and other items.

If you have any questions concerning the club discounts, please contact us:
Disc Golf Outlet
Tel. +358 10 2312 551
Mon-Fri 8–14 (CET)