Use code INNOVA40 to score 40% off all Innova products! Browse all Innova discs here →

Use code INNOVA40 to score 40% off all Innova products
Browse all Innova discs here →

Farewell InnovaStore, welcome Disc Golf Outlet!

Starting from Wednesday, June 15th, the disc golf online store previously known as InnovaStore is now Disc Golf Outlet.

On practical level this change does not cause major changes to our existing customers, as all customer accounts, including login credentials, order history etc remains the same. You’re still able to log in to your customer account using the same credentials and you will be able to find your order history from your account details. If you happen to have a gift certificate or a discount code issued by InnovaStore, those are still valid as if nothing has changed :)

Discmania is back on the menu

With the store rebranding we welcome Europe’s most popular disc golf brand, Discmania, back to our online store selection. You can once again find a comprehensive selection of Discmania plastic, bags & targets from our online store. The main focus of our Discmania product selection is on stock models and if you’re looking for the hottest new releases and limited editions, Discmania Store Europe is the way to go :)

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Long live the stock disc!

In past few years the disc golf market has become quite convoluted, with all kinds of special and limited edition releases popping up from every manufacturer. While we understand there's a market for the special discs as well, we want to focus our offerings on items that have continuous availability, ie. the humble stock disc. Our aim is to provide you with discs you're able to replace when you lose them and a shopping experience that doesn't require you to set alarms to secure the discs you want.

Obviously since disc golf discs are made of plastic, certain differences are prone to happen between different runs, so replacing a 2014 Destroyer isn't necessarily as simple as picking up 2022 version. Regardless, our focus will be on the good old Wraiths, Rocs, FD's & P2's (and many more) most of our customers know and love. For this reason, you won't find stuff like Signature and/or Tour Series discs in our selection, as those discs have a fluctuating supply which tends to make buying (and selling) them a speed contest.

More discs, less random stuff

At least for starters, our selection focuses on the 2 most popular disc brands in the European market, Discmania & Innova. It's possible however that in the future we may have other brands in our offering as well. We consider disc products to be our expertise, so our focus is on plastic instead of apparel. Besides a healthy variety of discs, we provide you with a nice selection bags and targets. 

Catch the best deals!

As you may reckon from our new name, we also aim to feature regular discount items, so you can upgrade your equipment on a budget. To start things off, we're offering some nice Destroyers and Innova backpacks with the steep discount, among others. We highly recommend giving us a follow on social media to stay on top of our deals!

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New name, old trusty team

Whether you're a long time customer of InnovaStore or a first time visitor, you can trust to be served by a team of seasoned professionals. Despite the new name of our store, the staff remains the same and orders are being shipped from the same warehouse in Tampere, Finland, as before :)

Free shipping inside for orders over 125€

We're happy offer free standard shipping on all orders over 125€ across the EU and to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the UK. For orders inside Finland, the standard shipping is free for all orders over 75€!