Use code INNOVA50 to score 50% off all Innova products!
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Use code INNOVA50 to score 50% off all Innova products!
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All items are shipped from our warehouse in Tampere, Finland. For an order with all ordered items in stock, we typically can get your order moving within 24hrs from the time of placing your order (excluding weekends & holidays). Please note that during busy periods, the shipping may take longer than usual. Our logistics partner Posti (Finnish Postal Service) handles the shipments in cooperation with DHL and Bring in locations outside Finland. We're always looking to develop our shipping services, so if you have feedback, please let us know!

Free Shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over containing at least 125€ worth of products to all EU locations & UK, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. The offer does not apply to DiscGolfPark Target. Please note that during campaign periods, there might be changes to the free shipping threshold.

Flat rate shipping

We offer flat rate shipping to all countries within the European Union & UK, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. The shipping price and method depends on the location of the recipient. See below for pricing to your location. For shipping methods to Finnish locations, see here.

CountryPriceWeight limitShipping method
Austria11,90€20kgHome delivery
Belgium11,90€20kgHome delivery
Bulgaria19,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Croatia19,90€20kgHome delivery
Cyprus19,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Czech Republic11,90€20kgHome delivery

Delivery to closest pick up point

Estonia7,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Finland5,90€30kgSee all options in Finnish here
France19,90€20kgHome delivery
Germany8,90€20kgHome delivery
Greece19,90€20kgHome delivery
Hungary19,90€20kgHome delivery
Ireland19,90€20kgHome delivery
Iceland19,90€1kgHome delivery*
Iceland24,90€2kgHome delivery*
Iceland29,90€20kgHome delivery*
Italy19,90€20kgHome delivery
Latvia7,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Lithuania7,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Luxembourg16,90€20kgHome delivery
Malta19,90€20kgHome delivery
Monaco19,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Netherlands11,90€20kgHome delivery
Norway19,90€1kgHome delivery*
Norway24,90€2kgHome delivery*
Norway29,90€20kgHome delivery*
Poland11,90€20kgHome delivery
Portugal19,90€20kgHome delivery
Romania19,90€20kgHome delivery
Slovakia19,90€20kgHome delivery
Slovenia19,90€20kgHome delivery
Spain19,90€20kgHome delivery
Sweden8,90€20kgDelivery to closest pick up point
Switzerland19,90€1kgHome delivery*
Switzerland24,90€2kgHome delivery*
Switzerland29,90€20kgHome delivery*
United Kingdom19,902kgHome delivery*
United Kingdom29,9020kgHome delivery*

*(Possible customs procedures may affect the delivery locations. Disc Golf Outlet is not responsible for possible import duties and taxes imposed to the shipment in the recipient country.)

For shipments above 20kg, the shipping price will be determined case-by-case. If you can't find any shipping options for your order, try dividing your purchase in multiple orders, or contact our customer service.

More information on orders from outside the EU zone here ->


Please always fill in all necessary customer information, including your phone number (with country code) and email address before finalizing your order. We will only contact you by phone in case there are items that are out-of-stock in your order. You will also receive a text message to your mobile phone when your order is ready to be picked up. To your email address we will send information about your order, including tracking information.

If you have any questions concerning our shipping methods, please contact us!