InnovaStore is now Disc Golf Outlet - Read more!

InnovaStore is now Disc Golf Outlet - Read more!

Discmania opened a new brand store called Discmania Store Europe in May 2021. From our perspective the opening of the new shop means that all Discmania products have moved out from the InnovaStore selection. is your new go-to address for all things Discmania. Going forward, we will focus on being the best place to buy Innova-made disc products in Europe.

How come?

The topmost reason for splitting the two brands into separate stores is the fact that Discmania products are now being manufactured by several entities, unlike just a couple years back, when Innova was the sole manufacturer of Discmania products. Offering disc products that are not made by Innova in the Innova brand store doesn't quite fit the description. As for the Innova-made Discmania Originals line products, unfortunately the current availability of those is so low compared to the demand that the sales of Discmania Originals as well will be focused to Discmania Store Europe.

Another key reason for moving the Discmania products to a separate store is the enormous popularity of the Discmania brand, accompanied by the fact that the kind of traffic volumes and server stress the current Discmania product releases tend to generate has become too much to deal with for our store platform. In 2020 we saw many Discmania releases that left customers unsatisfied due to technical issues during drops. Naturally also the high demand vs. low supply -situation played a big factor as well, and while the new Discmania Store will hopefully tackle many of the technical issues, getting supply to match demand is not a thing that can be solved by the new online store alone.

Familiar team behind the new store

While Discmania now has its a separate store, the people behind Discmania Store Europe are the same as with InnovaStore. Our team has decades worth of combined experience in both online sales and disc golf products, so we have a reasonably good idea on what we're doing. Actually, InnovaStore itself was called before it was rebranded to InnovaStore in early 2010's. You'll find the same customer service professionals from both stores in the future and the physical warehouse of both InnovaStore & Discmania Store Europe is located in Tampere, Finland.

Despite the two stores being under the same roof, it's worth noting that due to technical reasons, we're not able to combine shipping on orders placed from separate stores. However, if you do have gift card for InnovaStore that's been purchased prior to May 7th, 2021 and you would rather use it for Discmania products, our customer service can replace your InnovaStore gift card with a Discmania Store Europe gift card in equal value. Please note that some delays in replying to these requests are likely to occur.

What about Huk Lab discs? And Mystery Boxes?

One of our most requested items continues to be the hand-dyed Huk Lab discs. Unfortunately the supply chain for these products is even more congested than with regular products, so Huk Dyed drops have been few and far between. The separation of the stores doesn't, however, mean that Huk Lab products will no longer be offered at InnovaStore. Instead, in the future, pending availability, you'll find Innova Huk Lab products at InnovaStore and Discmania Huk Lab products at Discmania Store Europe.

As for Mystery Boxes, we've been lately focusing more or less solely on the hugely popular Discmania Mystery Boxes, while slowly phasing out our own InnovaStore and Innova Mystery Boxes. The Discmania Mystery Boxes have become such a huge global phenomenon that organizing the campaign tends to eat all of the resources we can piece together. Going forward, Discmania Store Europe will be the exclusive retailer of Discmania Mystery Boxes in Europe. It's not completely out of the question that other Mystery Boxes would be seen in the InnovaStore selection in the future, but at least at the moment, there's no plans for such.

Dedicated to bring you the best service

Whether you're a die-hard Innova fan, or a Discmania connoisseur, our goal is to offer you the best service and the most exciting products. One of the key goals for Discmania Store Europe is to improve the availability of Discmania products in the European market. At InnovaStore we aim to offer the best selection of Innova products on this side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately at the time of writing, the global Covid-19 pandemic and the huge surge of demand for disc golf products are still affecting the availability of many products, but in the long-term, these challenges will be taken care of.

Going forward, we warmly welcome you to InnovaStore for the most knowledgeable customer service and the best selection of Innova products. And if Discmania is your thing, Discmania Store Europe will surely be the best place to purchase Discmania products in Europe!

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